The Best Filters Semalt Expert Can Recommend For Your Google Analytics

Online presence of a website is a primary asset to the website owner. Actionable decisions concerning website traffic to a particular website depends on the website traffic statistics registered on monitoring tools such as the standard Google Analytics. Google Analytics can facilitate the identification of spam referrals making false registers. It is surprising that most website owners fail to conduct accurate monitoring of their websites.

Appropriate filters generating the appropriate numbers reflecting the actual traffic and not spam referrals can ensure registration of valuable data on the Google Analytics.

Ross Barber, the Customer Success Manager of Semalt, offers a step by step tutorial on utilizing Google Analytics for actionable monitoring process.

Websites Should Have Filters

Using the filters on the Google Analytics ensures options such as the exclusion of mechanisms registering repeated transactions. The automated filtration of data is not reliable. Make sure to use one filtered and one unfiltered view on the Google Analytics console to ensure safety from spam referrals. It is important to research and understand what is required in the filtration process.

1. Exclude Internal IP

Exclude your IP and any other address not subject to tracking and input the IP address needed for exclusion.

  • Select Predefined on Filter Type.
  • Under the Exclude menu, select 'That are Equal To' on the 'Traffic from the IP Address'.
  • Add your IP and any additional address under IP Address slot.

2. Exclude BOTS

The exclusion of BOTS crawling and fake web sessions caused by spam referrals can escape registration on the Google Analytics through the following steps:

  • Take Filter Type as Custom
  • Click on Exclude
  • Under Filter Field click on ISP Organization
  • Under Filter Pattern copy and paste - ^(microsoft corp(oration)?|inktomi corporation|yahoo! inc.|google inc.|stumbleupon inc.)$|Gomez

3. Include Only Domain

Malicious people can track the website source code to steal the tracking code on the Google Analytics to report inaccurate data. Replacing YourDomainHere with the website name ensures safety.

  • Filter Type - Custom
  • Include
  • Filter Field - Hostname
  • Filter Pattern - YourDomainHere\.com
  • If the site is (.ORG) remember to replace the (.com) with (.org) etc.

4. Exclude All Query Parameters

This advanced filter keeps track on one-page view/visit to find multiple pages registered as unique on Google Analytics. Under the advanced filter go to:

  • Field A >> Request URL >> (.*)\?
  • Field B >> LEAVE BLANK
  • Field OUTPUT TO >> Request URL >> $A1

5. Add a Hostname to the URL

To make an accurate track of the source of the visits especially if multiple domains supply the homepage through sub-domains or sub-folders using the Advanced Filter under Custom facilitates reporting back of analytics to the unique hostname. Under the advanced filters of Custom key in:

  • Field A >> Hostname >> (.*
  • Field B >> Request URL >> (.*)
  • Field OUTPUT TO >> Request URL >> $A1$B1

6. URL Lowercase Stopping Duplicate Content

This rare filter ensures pages to report in lowercase only to avoid duplicated results caused by reports from URL on the upper case.

  • Go to Custom
  • Choose Lowercase
  • Select lowercase under Request URL

7. Full Referral URL

This filter exposes the real name of the spam referral reflected on the Google Analytics.

  • Field A >> Hostname >> (.*)
  • Field B >> Leave Blank
  • Field OUTPUT TO >> User Defined >> $A1

8. U.S Traffic Only

Filters on the Google Analytics can achieve custom traffic according to place. Go to:

  • Custom
  • Include
  • Country
  • United States

9. Exclude Ghost Referrals

Just like spam referrals, ghost referrals register false traffic on the Google Analytics.

  • Custom
  • Exclude
  • Referral
  • Script - Copy and paste: |free-social-buttons\.com|buttons-for-your-website\.com|best-seo-offer\.com|get-free-traffic-now\.com

The information provided can be overwhelming to require more explanation. Please contact us for personalized assistance.

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