Why Do All SEO Experts Recommend Semalt's Dedicated SEO Dashboard For SEO?

Many SEO providers focus on content creation only, thinking that SEO measures are essential to the functioning of the site.

But let me ask you a question: Are your results satisfactory by working this way? Are your clients' sites converting better? We know one thing for sure: if a site is not properly evaluated by search engines, it will not be found by users and the website will not function effectively. The bottom line is that you will never be able to satisfy your customers by focusing only on producing good content.

To accomplish an SEO task efficiently, you have to start first, by analyzing the client's website to know what is the SEO strategy to adopt to get more results. And this should not be done, based on experience or knowledge, but rather on effective SEO tools that can bring out all the problems related to the site. Because SEO tools can save you time and effort.

In our guide today, we are going to discuss an SEO tool that 90% of SEO experts recommend called SEO Dedicated Dashboard. But, before we introduce you to this tool, we're going to introduce you to the areas you need to keep an eye on if you want to be successful with your SEO service.

The essential areas of SEO that you will need tools for

Let's take a look at the SEO areas you will need a tool for.

First, as we pointed out at the beginning, we need to analyze the site before we start any SEO work. To do this you will need a website analysis tool such as the SEO Dashboard.

This tool will allow you to analyze the competitors' site to reveal the main competitors in the required niche. Moreover, it can reveal their traffic-generating keywords so that you can get an idea of their promotion strategy.

In addition to the analysis, the SEO status of the website can also be understood by measuring the following three points:
  1. Search ranking
  2. Keyword selection
  3. Backlink
So, we can note this:
It should be noted that all of these important areas must be done with a powerful SEO tool so that you can have fair analysis results. 

Let's look at each element a little more concretely

The following 6 elements need to be checked to analyze your client's site effectively.
  1. Number of visitors (total number of visitors to the site during the defined period).
  2. Number of unique users (number of visitors excluding duplicates).
  3. Number of page views (number of times a particular page was viewed).
  4. Average time spent on the site.
  5. Time zone with high user access.
  6. Conversion rate (percentage of users who reached their goals compared to the total number of visitors).
Before analyzing your site, define digital goals for your website's objectives.

The website has a purpose. The purpose is to connect directly to the business goals of a company and this will fail if a thorough analysis is not done and this is where the intervention of an effective SEO tool comes in.

In-house site analysis

Develop hypotheses about possible actions users can take to guide them to their goals.

For example, set a small goal in the middle of the conversion, such as "Natural search" on "Go to the landing page" or "Go to the material download page".

Also, even for this small goal, goals such as "To receive 30 requests per month, the number of page views of the request page must be 3,000 per month" and "The number of accesses to the landing page must be 10,000 per month". Define the value.

By setting numerical goals for the entire website and target values for each conversion in this way, "The number of visits to the landing page is low maybe due to the keyword and search query not matching". "Download page PV. There may be a problem with the form if there are a lot of downloads, but few".

All this should be analyzed too by an SEO tool. Because using an SEO tool can save you time and effort.

Search Ranking

After doing an internal site analysis you need to study the search ranking.

Search rankings are one of the most important things to study. Search rankings fluctuate daily, so don't worry if your site appears at the top of your search.

Search rankings fluctuate when search engine algorithms are updated or other companies' content appears. ... In particular, the core algorithm updates that occur several times a year have a major impact.

The recent trend of updates is that search rankings for YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) keywords tend to fluctuate significantly.

If your search ranking is dropping, you need to take immediate action. Let's start by checking the following three points:
  1. Is the information the user wants to know correctly provided (if the keyword and content match).
  2. Is it compatible with mobile devices?
  3. Does the page take time to load?
To do this you need to have an effective tool at your disposal to regularly check for sudden drops in your site's ranking.

Keyword selection

When creating a website, it is important to know what words your users are looking for. Can you provide the keywords you are likely to search for and the problems you want to solve on your site?

For example, if you want to know the weather forecast for your location, search for "regional weather". If you want to know what to do when your knee hurts, you might search for "knee pain first aid".

So how do you identify the right keywords? The answer to that question is pretty simple! Some people will tell you to use the keywords suggested by Google. But, I would not advise you this method, with a tool such as the SEO dashboard you will have very relevant keywords on which your competitors are getting more traffic.


Backlinks are proof that the page is useful to many people, and it is said that if your site is linked from another site, the power of your domain will increase.

Google sets "EAT" as the standard for its own site evaluation.
Pages linked to many sites are nothing more than proof that you meet EAT.

Google officials say there is no direct relationship between EAT and ranking, but it is a criterion for Google to judge pages linked to many websites as good content.

Use the checker to see if your site is linked to another website.

What is the difference between free and paid tools?

We have talked so far about only a few areas of SEO that you will need a tool for. So, we know that there are paid tools and also free tools. But what is the difference between them? 

Many free SEO tools can get a lot of data, but many paid tools can go deeper into the data, so choose the one that suits you best.

The main differences between free and paid tools are that the results displayed are sometimes wrong, and the number of checks is very limited and the amount of data that can be acquired is small (of course, this depends on the tool).

On the other hand, a paid tool is easy to use and gives you the right data.

Among the paid tools, there is a tool that has powerful software capable of doing several tasks at once.

Many software incorporate, have many features that allow you to investigate and analyze in detail. These multiple features differ depending on the tool and are not very customizable, but they have the advantage of being fully automatic to obtain rankings and can be used on multiple devices.

SEO Dashboard: a tool you must know and adopt

SEO Dedicated Dashboard is a web analytics tool developed by the experts at Semalt. This tool aims to ease the pain of any SEO agency or freelance SEO manager in terms of cost and efficiency. It allows you to collect information such as how users found the site and what they did on it.

It is simpler than any other SEO tool, so it is easy to use intuitively. It is a tool that has been developed taking into account the current requirements of Google. 

The Dedicated SEO Dashboard allows you to check the number of single users, the total number of unique users, the number of sessions, the total number of viewed pages, etc., which are indicators that allow evaluating the global performance of the websites that implement SEO measures.

Moreover, there are features such as providing analysis in real-time, so if you have an organization that has an in house writer, if you always display the real-time analytics screen in the office, it will lead to improved motivation of all members.

Moreover, it is one of the indispensable tools for web marketers, as it can measure the results obtained through the website that has actually implemented SEO measures by defining conversions.

The Dedicated Dashboard does not only have these features, there are other very interesting features that I invite you to discover by following this link.